PrEP Resource Catalog

TA4SI’s PrEP resource catalog has something for everyone, including agencies that are new to implementing PrEP services, and agencies who are looking to strengthen their existing PrEP services. Use the search feature to explore fact sheets, job aids, webinars, and more.

This collection will be updated periodically. If you have any questions about the collection, or would like to suggest an addition, please contact us.

Search PrEP Resources

The PrEP resources can be filtered by primary audience (clinical providers, navigation staff, patients, pharmacists, or program administrators). As you search, keep in mind that many of the resources can be helpful for more than one audience, so consider using multiple audience filters. For example, some of the clinical providers’ resources may also be helpful for navigation staff.

The PrEP resources can also be filtered by topic. However, all topics are closely related, so consider reviewing more than one topic. Here are descriptions of each topic:

1. Awareness and Basics

  • How PrEP fits into the HIV prevention and care continuum
  • The benefits and challenges of PrEP
  • Care team and care coordination roles in facilitating PrEP services
  • How to increase PrEP awareness across clients and communities

2. Screening and Eligibility

  • Key populations that can benefit from PrEP
  • PrEP eligibility criteria and contraindications
  • Clinical services needed to provide PrEP, either directly or by referral

3. Access and Linkage

  • Best practices related to PrEP navigation to address barriers to access
  • Ensuring equitable access to PrEP
  • Social risk and/or protective factors that may affect PrEP uptake and acceptability
  • Referral partnerships

4. Initiation

  • Importance of workflows for required and recommended laboratory tests prior to starting PrEP
  • Prescribing requirements and prescriber availability
  • Best practices to educate and support clients who decide to start PrEP
  • Provider reimbursement for PrEP services

5. Care and Medication Adherence

  • Best practices to support PrEP medication adherence and retention in PrEP care
  • Factors that may hinder medication adherence and retention in PrEP care
  • Strategies to support medication adherence and retention in PrEP care

Many resources are specific to one priority population, but it’s important to consider equity and inclusion in PrEP services and think about how your agency can serve everyone in your community.

Sources Included in the Catalog